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Building and protecting family wealth

You have reached a stage where your financial plans are advancing and you’re looking for opportunities to maximise your wealth for you and your family. You’ve accumulated a reasonable amount of investment and probably debt, as debt is a useful vehicle to attaining assets and achieving financial growth.

Diversifying your investments across the four major asset classes cash, fixed interest, shares, and property means your reducing the risk should one asset perform poorly at any given time.

The challenges you may be facing:

• Managing costs of living
• Stabilising career path or business
• Funding increased consumption or improved lifestyle
• Changes to family structure, e.g. blended families, separation
• Continued support of dependants (e.g. education etc.)

How can we help?

• Accelerated wealth accumulation and investment including gearing and tax effective strategies
• Superannuation strategies, such as salary sacrifice etc.
• Insurance review in accordance with income and obligations
• Estate planning considerations