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Retiring on your own terms

Your goal is in sight! The prospect of a relaxed retirement isn’t just a distant dream. By now you’ve probably paid off most of your major debts and can look forward to having the freedom to live life ‘your way’.

There are tax-effective ways to help maximise your savings, build financial security and safeguard your most important assets. These include protection against the unexpected, tax-effective super strategies and investment strategies such as gearing and managing risk via diversification.

The challenges you may be facing:

• Funding a preferred lifestyle
• Providing for children & grandchildren
• Downsizing the family home

How can we help?

• Budgeting & Cashflow
• Superannuation
• Retirement income streams
• Allocated pensions
• Centrelink entitlements
• Reverse mortgages
• Aged Care
• Estate planning considerations