Making a positive impact on people’s lives; professional, proficient, and compassionate

about us

Benwest Investment Services was established in 1987 and is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence No. 258832.

We have several Registered Financial Advisers authorised under our licence to provide financial advice, each with their own specialities and skill sets, ensuring that you have a whole team working on the best financial strategies for you.

Our values

  • To make a positive impact on people’s lives by conducting ourselves in a professional, proficient, and compassionate manner
  • To build long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients and our staff
  • To take action and deliver results by thinking like a customer

Our Financial Advisers

Tony Bennett

Location: Norwest

“I have two main goals: The first is to build wealth for my clients. The second is to develop the most professional financial planning firm in Australia."

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Peter Finch

Location: Norwest

“I like to provide modern ideas with traditional service, with a focus of building wealth and tax effective income for my clients”.

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Michael Akele

Location: Norwest

“To advise & assist my clients to secure their financial future and improve their wealth & quality of life by achieving their financial goals."

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Warren Chalker

Location: Windsor

“To provide a financial planning process that gives clients the ability to look at their future needs and then plan how to achieve them with confidence and at a cost that is appropriate given their circumstances."

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Ryan Melrose

Location: Norwest

“As an Adviser, I will work with my clients to help grow their wealth and secure their future."

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Alan Murray

Location: Norwest

“I believe in developing long term client relationships by providing personalised service to help my clients meet their financial goals and objectives."

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Rean Kirby

Location: Waverton

“To maintain a culture that at all times will require us to provide the highest standard of comprehensive financial advice to clients."

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Our approach

Our approach to the financial planning process is holistic. We examine our client's overall financial position, we learn what our clients want to achieve and develop an appropriate action plan for them to achieve those goals and ambitions.


Benwest holds an unrestricted Australian Financial Services Licence, therefore we have the ability to recommend the most appropriate financial solutions available from a diverse array of reputable financial institutions and companies.

Our services which are designed exclusively for each client include:

Financial Planning
  • Asset Growth and Wealth Building Strategies
  • Investment Advice and Wealth Management
  • Investment Opportunities across divergent Asset Classes
  • Borrowing to Invest / Gearing Plans
  • Tax Effective Investing
  • Allocated Pensions and Allowances
  • Corporate, Personal and Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Social Security and DVA Advice
  • Estate Planning
  • Redundancy and Career Variation
  • Corporate Advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • Finance
  • Venture Capital
  • Insurance Services
    Fees & Charges

    Our Process

    • The initial consultation

      At this first meeting, we explain how we operate and what you can expect.

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      You meet us and decide whether you feel comfortable with us, and we decide whether we would work with you as a client.
      This is important because the relationship can possibly last for the rest of our lives. We also spend considerable time gathering information on your current circumstances and objectives. The first meeting has no cost to you or obligation. If we feel we can be of assistance to you, we will agree to prepare a comprehensive, written financial plan for a fixed fee.

    • Plan preparation

      Having gathered the necessary information, which may require a second meeting, we prepare the financial plan.

    • Plan presentation

      We then meet again to present and explain our written recommendations,

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      which cover many issues including investments and strategies, and also any costs and fees associated with those recommendations. Attention is paid to how our recommendations will achieve your objectives.

    • Implementation

      You may take the financial plan away for further consideration. We may need to meet once or twice again

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      to clarify or adjust the financial plan accordingly before you provide us with the authority to implement the recommendations. The implementation may take some time and we will monitor it progressively.

    • Ongoing service & review

      We offer a comprehensive service that, for a flat fee, provides you with a comprehensive annual report

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      (more frequently if needed) on any investments, checks performance against objectives, recommends changes we think appropriate, and provides you with ongoing access to your adviser as part of the services.

    Tell your friends and family

    Our business has grown through referrals by other professionals who want their clients to benefit from good financial advice and, by our own clients, who want the same for their friends, family and colleagues. So if you know of anyone who could also benefit from our services, please feel free to refer them to us, please don’t keep us a secret.