Our Process

  • The initial consultation

    At this first meeting, we explain how we operate and what you can expect.

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    You meet us and decide whether you feel comfortable with us, and we decide whether we would work with you as a client.
    This is important because the relationship can possibly last for the rest of our lives. We also spend considerable time gathering information on your current circumstances and objectives. The first meeting has no cost to you or obligation. If we feel we can be of assistance to you, we will agree to prepare a comprehensive, written financial plan for a fixed fee.

  • Plan preparation

    Having gathered the necessary information, which may require a second meeting, we prepare the financial plan.

  • Plan presentation

    We then meet again to present and explain our written recommendations,

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    which cover many issues including investments and strategies, and also any costs and fees associated with those recommendations. Attention is paid to how our recommendations will achieve your objectives.

  • Implementation

    You may take the financial plan away for further consideration. We may need to meet once or twice again

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    to clarify or adjust the financial plan accordingly before you provide us with the authority to implement the recommendations. The implementation may take some time and we will monitor it progressively.

  • Ongoing service & review

    We offer a comprehensive service that, for a flat fee, provides you with a comprehensive annual report

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    (more frequently if needed) on any investments, checks performance against objectives, recommends changes we think appropriate, and provides you with ongoing access to your adviser as part of the services.